Self-Discovery towards Self- Mastery and Transformation

This is a full 3-day workshop.


Self-Transformation is a 3-step process.

First, we must embark upon a Self-Discovery process. We must fully know ourselves as we are now. If we want to change ourselves, we must become aware of what needs to change. Because if we don’t even know what needs to change, how can we change something?

Secondly, we must create a compelling and clear Personal Vision Statement. We must have a clear vision of what this change looks, feels and sounds like.

Thirdly this vision should be implemented by cultivating Self-Mastery leading to Transformation.

Minding Our Mind Mindfully

This is a 2 full-day mindfulness-based course that delves into the depths of our minds. Our mind is a very powerful tool when trained and it helps us in achieving our life’s goals. When it is working in our favor, we are able to use it to solve the many challenges that life throws at us. However, if our mind is untrained, we cannot function properly and our aspirations in life remain unfulfilled.

This is because the mind is a thought making machine. Everything that we do and don’t do, begins with a thought. Every desire, every emotion, every feeling and every action (hopefully) is preceded by a thought.