Here’s what some of the people who attended my workshops said

“I found Sheela’s workshops to be of outstanding quality. Sheela has the natural ability to translate complex concepts in a uniquely simple way, that enables a deep understanding

Her workshops are very interactive and experiential. I am continuing to practice the techniques that I have learned from her and find them extremely beneficial to my development.

I look forward to attending future training as I know, the value that I will be receiving will be brilliant”.                                     


“Very helpful information and insights into this extremely important topic of personal Self-Transformation……………a combination of psychological and spiritual concepts. I particularly liked the meditation exercises in how to deal with unwanted thoughts, emotions and traits”


“Thank you, I really enjoyed your session and your ability to share your depth of knowledge in a concise way. Lots of reflection!”


I am an entrepreneur and financial planner living in Melbourne. Since attending Sheela’s self-transformation seminar, it has given me greater awareness of my thought process and it changed my perspectives as I work towards viewing the world a non-judgemental way.

When I first started the seminar back in August 2019, I was in the lowest point in my life. I just left full-time employment, was starting my business and my relationship with my wife was never worst than in this period of our lives. To top it off, we have two children under 4 years old. Our stress levels were higher than ever.

What Sheela taught me were tools that I can use to manage stress, be more present and self-aware. It has helped me become better with my conscious communication and this have improved my relationship with my wife. I am better able to manage stress and some of life’s smaller things that used to bother me, I am more conscious to catch my reaction.

Sheela is a great teacher and her self-transformation seminar has been very helpful to me. I would recommend anyone looking to improve themselves through being more conscious, or suffer stress on a daily basis to consider attending her seminar or engaging Sheela as a coach. 

Paul Y. Melbourne