Self-Discovery towards Self- Mastery and Transformation

What is Self-Discovery?

Self-Discovery is the very first step in the transformation process, because if we don’t even know what to change, how can we change anything?

Self-discovery is the process of learning more about our self and who we really are, our true strengths and weaknesses.

Self-discovery helps us to identify our abilities, but also at the same time helps us to uncover our “inner demons” our fears, limiting beliefs and our nasty parts, by undertaking a process of vigorous self-examination. Unless we undertake this process of self-examination, these inner demons remain hidden in our unconscious, as our ‘shadow’. As long as our shadow remains undisturbed and in the dark, we will be continuously chasing our tail, in the quest for self-transformation.    

The process of Self-Transformation requires knowing ourselves, our beliefs, values and goals well. We have to have a clear awareness of who we truly are and what we are capable of. A lack of awareness can impact us emotionally, mentally and also spiritually and impede our self-development.

In the Self-Discovery section of the workshop, we will go through a vigorous process to uncover your true values. We will also work towards uncovering your ‘shadow’, limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that prevent you from living your life congruently with your values.

What is a Personal Vision Statement?

A Personal vision statement is a creative statement that envisions what/who we will be in the future, in our transformed state. It encapsulates our core values and life purpose.

A compelling vision statement helps us to focus on achieving what is envisioned in the statement. It can illuminate our way during periods of darkness and help us stay on track on the path of Self-Transformation.

In this workshop, I will take you through a process of crafting your personal vision statement.

What is Self-Mastery?

Self-mastery is often defined as self-control and the ability to exert strong will power against our wayward impulses and then, steer ourselves to a future of our own choosing. Personal mastery essentially, requires having a ​vision for our future self​. And harnessing the will to realize that vision.

Self-mastery is a path to never-ending improvement; because the quest for perfection is never ending. We must aim, not for perfection, but to be the best we can be by reaching our full potential.

Our biggest blocks, to realising our full potential are not external. They are within us. Our fear, shadow and limiting beliefs, are our biggest enemies. If we are committed to the path of self-mastery, we must be willing to find ways to transcend our blocks and breakthrough their resistance.


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