Personal Transformation Life Coaching

My coaching is aimed at changing the way you see yourself and your world view, by changing your perceptions about yourself and what you perceive to be your limitations. Focus is where you are looking at, perceptions on the other hand are where you are looking from.

Very often, we don’t see the full picture of a situation due to our narrow range of perception. Our perception is molded by our, beliefs, values and societal impositions. We quite often live our lives for others rather than live a life that is authentic to us and to our true purpose in life.

So, the first step under my coaching would be to address the way, you see yourself right now. This is the starting point. The activities in my program help you to gain an understanding of how you think and behave in life right now, and how you “perform” who you think you are through the several roles such as, parent, child, professional, friend, spouse etc. that you play. Are you living life with integrity with your values? What is your true identity?

Next, we will focus on discovering who you really want to become. We will encapsulate this by creating a compelling vision statement about your true identity. Your true identity is one that feels right for you based on your inherent talents and passions. Your talents and passions, point you in the direction of your life purpose.

I will help you in bringing about change in your current thoughts, limiting beliefs and behaviours that are currently blocking you from achieving your goals for transformation. Change is not easy especially when our body and mind have become comfortable in their current routine way of doing things. Have you ever tried to change your routine at the gym and tried something new? Yes, your body will let you know all about it the next day! It is the same with our mind, it will offer resistance to change initially. The idea is to develop discipline and mastery over a period of time to transcend our old beliefs and thought patterns that our mind had created.

 As your Personal Transformation Coach, I will help you stay motivated and on track to achieve your transformation goals.

If you want to transform your life by becoming who you want to be and start your journey of unfoldment, then take the next step.

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