Online Courses

I am currently striving towards bringing you all my workshops as online courses, complete with detailed videos, audios of meditations and a workbook.  I hope to have them available very soon. If you are interested in any of them, please register your interest and I will contact you when they become available.

The following workshops will become available online


Self-Discovery Towards Self-Mastery & Transformation

This online course contains videos, audios and daily practices for you to work through, to achieve positive change and balance in your life.

In this course, you will first learn more about yourself, as you are right now. This gives you a starting point in your journey of transformation. If we want to change ourselves, we must become aware of what needs to change. Because if we don’t even know what needs to change, how can we change something? This part of the course, focuses on Self-discovery. Who you really are? What is your potential? What is your shadow? (our shadow is our dark self, that we do not want to acknowledge.) What are your values and beliefs? Are you living life congruently with your values? What makes you tick? What are your positives and negatives? What changes do you want to bring into your life?